This is not revolutionary, and nothing here that isn’t in the manual, however on the regular occasions when I’m called to do this, I need quick access to the notes…
This is for when someone calls for a file that is long gone, but you know is in the subversion repository somewhere, deep in the history before the deletion was committed.

First check out a local copy of the dir that contains the missing file.
svn co svn://metadb/trunk/schema/core/Daily /tmp/schema-Daily
cd /tmp/schema-Daily

Next search relevant commits in the log to see when it was deleted.
svn log --verbose >/tmp/svn.log

Then either search the log by hand or get perl to help
perl -nle'BEGIN{$/=q{------------------------------------------------------------------------};}
print $_ if /tblProductMostViewed/;' </tmp/relevant-commits.txt

If you know the full repo path to the deleted file, you can get there much quicker by using
svn log --verbose svn://metadb/trunk/schema/core/Daily/tblProductMostViewed.sql

Now you know in which revision the file was deleted, so copy the file from the previous revision
svn copy svn://metadb/trunk/schema/core/Daily/tblProductMostViewed.sql@1230 .

Job done.