This handles those situations where you have some perl POD and you want it to render on the printout similarly to how it renders on the screen. For a one-of run, you may as well just do

pod2man perlpanel-applet-howto.pod | a2ps

but if you want a2ps perlpanel-applet-howto.pod to just work, you only need to add a couple of lines to your config.

In /etc/a2ps-site.cfg:

Delegation: pod pod:ps \
  pod2man '$f' #f0 && eval `grog -Tps #f0` \
  | fixps #?V!!-q! | #{del.psselnup}

and in /usr/share/a2ps/sheets/

# Perl POD files
pod:   /*.pod/
    <Perl POD document*>

Let’s say you want to send a text file to the printer, but a2ps recognises it contains html and tries to send it to something that can turn html into ps. But all you want is the text to be printed, possibly with the html syntax highlighted. The solution is to turn off delegations:

a2ps --delegate=no file_containing_html.txt