This handles those situations where you have some perl POD and you want it to render on the printout similarly to how it renders on the screen. For a one-of run, you may as well just do

pod2man perlpanel-applet-howto.pod | a2ps

but if you want a2ps perlpanel-applet-howto.pod to just work, you only need to add a couple of lines to your config.

In /etc/a2ps-site.cfg:

Delegation: pod pod:ps \
  pod2man '$f' #f0 && eval `grog -Tps #f0` \
  | fixps #?V!!-q! | #{del.psselnup}

and in /usr/share/a2ps/sheets/

# Perl POD files
pod:   /*.pod/
    <Perl POD document*>