I wanted my default diff options in bazaar to be for side-by-side comparisons. This worked by editting my $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf.

diff=diff --diff-options "--width=200 --side-by-side"

CVS and SVN have expansion tags/keywords which can be a useful ‘stamp’ within a file when that file is sent to another environment. For example, someone finds an issue with a file they’ve downloaded; if they tell me the revision number then I can be sure which version they’re dealing with. Similarly, I might not be the official maintainer, so the file tag can determine who’s version they’re dealing with.

However, bazaar doesn’t (yet) have this mechanism. I found a useful hack-around was

bzr version-info --custom \
--template='# $Id: {revno} {date} {revision_id} $' >>